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Ani Powell was born in Yerevan, Armenia. At the age of 6, she entered the Yerevan Komitas Music School as an honor student and pupil of Djemma Surenovna. The Russian School of Music shaped much of her childhood music education. A couple years into her studies at the music school, Ani discovered a love for composing. She became a pupil of a famed Armenian Composer and current chair of composition at Yerevan Music Conservatory, Vartan Adjemian. 

At the age of 12, Ani moved to Colorado, USA. She advanced her private studies with various teachers, including Anna Garelik and Anna Arzrumanyan. She continued her studies with Alice Rybak and David Genova, at University of Denver Lamont School of Music, as a Daniel. L. Richie full scholarship endowed student, between 2006-2010. During this time, she worked as an accompanist for the Denver Chorale, and as an instructor of piano for Music Quest music studio. Concurrently, Ani became a laureate of American Protégé competition in New York, and found herself travelling to New York International Keyboard Institute and Festival during the summers from 2010-2012.  

In New York, she met her future teacher and advisor, Eduard Zilberkant, pianist, conductor, and chair of piano department at University of Alaska Fairbanks. During 2012-2014, Ani completed her graduate studies and received her Master of Music in Piano Performance degree. The inspiration and depth of musical growth came from both her teacher and the undeniable beauty of the arctic nature. In Alaska, Ani found new interest in orchestral and chamber music, as well as personal growth as an artist. 

In 2014, Ani returned to Colorado, where she resides now. She taught at The Lesson Studio in Boulder, CO for a couple years. At the moment, Ani is in the acting roles as the principal pianist with Denver Philharmonic Orchestra, and as an instructor of piano for Sollohub Music Studio in Denver and Broomfield, CO. She is also the owner and private instructor at PunctuMusicum piano studio. She has been teaching and performing for over 20 years. 

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