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Another Introduction to 'Bach Prepared'

As is often the case with analysis, it begets more Qn's than As. Not having yet stumbled upon answers to my own questions online, I dare to pose them as a novel quest. You see, a listener does not need to have preconceptions about music to experience it. That's not the case with a performer, whose task at hand is never an art of pure mimicry. And yet, having not explored the entirety of the musical subject leaves me with the feeling that its never complete. This is the true purpose of this blog.

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Somehwere in literature I've seen this Prelude and Fugue pair actually referred to as a double fugue and justly so.. The cruciform melody foreshadows the main subject of the Fugue. The rounded descend

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In a very rounded form, Bach opens and closes the fugue in three statements of the subject in three voices and one more statement of the theme. The middle of the fugue is developed through reduction o

Prelude 3

What if somebody told you that there is a note you didn't know about, an entire tonality you never heard or used? That is what C# tonality was like during Bach's time - seldom heard until the Well Tem


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